kt-docents michael graduationKT|DOCENTS is people helping people: A worldwide support service staffed by kt|family members who are matched to kt|affected and kt|caregivers as go-to “brothers and sisters” providing personal associations and help throughout their kt|journey.

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  • kt | mentors – private, members only

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Welcome! This service by, for and to the Klippel-Trenaunay community is dedicated to Michael and Geneva Politzer. These shining lights have provided our community an endless amount of compassion and support.

The current logo shows a picture of Geneva. It was our first concept piece. Geneva asks that it be revised to include her son Michael and her together. The final design of our logo will be published along with our grand opening.

This is a public access site designed to provide the general public with fun and relevant resumes of our Docents. Each has a unique life experience with living KT. They include KT Parents and KT Companions.

This site is open today to allow the Politzer family to see our progress and enjoy the birth of this KT Family project. There is work to be done yet. The final reveal is several weeks away. If you have an interest in being a big brother or big sister, or otherwise friendly voice to chat with and about the ups and downs of living KT, please join us.

This site is open as a soft release; construction work continues.

The grand opening is scheduled to occur within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience.